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We're your solutions experts for life

SPRUCE Solutions is the only partner that can provide your business with a single platform solution that will scale alongside your business from day one. No more migrating to different tools, dealing with expensive APIs and siloed data. 

Best of all, all you have to do is call and we'll be your partners along the way to help you expand your business's capabilities. All backed by an ethical pricing model and done by industry experts.

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We're the tech experts
so you don't have to be 

Having worked for and witnessed the power of integrated systems at companies like Apple, Disney, Salesforce, and Meta, we saw a stark contrast in the struggles of Small and Medium Enterprises. COVID-19 further exposed these challenges, highlighting the limitations of single-purpose SaaS tools that silo data and hinder adaptability.

We wondered, why settle for "mediocre tools" when you deserve integrated solutions that empower data-driven decisions, foster customer connection, and fuel business agility? 

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Meet the founders

Eddie Basso, Founder

The problem-solving whiz! With experience at big names like Apple, Salesforce, and Beats by Dre, he's tackled complex projects, from managing manufacturing to implementing software. Eddie's all about using systems to streamline those everyday tasks, freeing up teams to focus on the big picture: crushing company goals (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Basically, he wants to make work smoother so everyone can focus on making a real impact!

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Christopher Bowman, Founder

The data whisperer! He's got a diverse background, having worked at Disney, Meta, and NBC. Chris has tackled all sorts of projects, from managing programs in healthcare and retail to media and tech. He's a whiz at working with global operations teams, risk management, and IT infrastructure. Chris is all about helping teams turn data into clear, actionable insights. 

He loves streamlining metrics so everyone can make decisions that have the biggest impact on your business!

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